Daniels VIP or Platinum Producer Discount Prices

Mississauga – With the new Daniels’ project, Daniels City Centre, about to be launched, we’ve had a lot of inquires about VIP or Platinum Producer’s discounted prices. Platinum Producers are a handful of selected group of Real Estate Agents Daniels work with. With every new project launch, Daniels offer special discounted prices to Platinum Producers to offer to their long term clients and investors. The units are available on first come first serve basis and usually picked up within a couple of hours of the launch. The special discount prices are also referred to as VIP prices.

To take advantage of the special VIP prices and to take part in this program, you need to work with an Agent who can guide you step by step through the process and help you select the best Condo for your investment and living needs.

Daniels Platinum Producer VIP Prices

Some of the benefits of working with a Platinum Producer are:

1 – Preview Pricing
2 – Incentive Programs
3 – No Hidden Costs
4 – Choice of Suite – Condominium
5 – Skip the line-up

6 – No Extra Costs

7 – You don’t pay a commission to the Agent

9 – Professional Advice

If you are interested in buying a Condo in the upcoming Daniels City Centre to live or as an investment, you can save thousands by working with a Platinum Producer. You will be able to safe money by special prices and incentive programs offered by Daniels.

To find a Platinum Producer, please call 416.881.5826, or fill out our online Daniels City Centre registration form.